Please explore the ground-breaking Together for the Amazon initiative set out by JBS Brazil:

 The Together for the Amazon Program is a set of initiatives aimed at the conservation and development of the biome, aligned with the Company’s intention of feeding the world in an increasingly sustainable manner. JBS Global is firmly committed to sustainable livestock production practices around the globe and Grill Steakhouse follows these principles 100%.

In Brazil, JBS has introduced its Supply Chain Protocol system, audited by an independent 3rd party and covering both Processing sites and Farms. Included in its scope are Animal Welfare, Traceability, Environmental Stewardship and Livestock Transport to name a few topics.

The JBS Supply Chain Protocol is an industry leading initiative providing farmer suppliers and customers with great assurance as to the quality and integrity of Grill Steakhouse beef.

Strict compliance with the company’s Zero Deforestation Policy, the invasion of indigenous lands or conservation areas, forced labour or the use of areas embargoed by IBAMA is monitored on a daily basis, covering an area over 280,000 sq. miles – or an area larger than Germany – to ensure our supply chain integrity and company standards are met.

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